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Watch videos of neighbors and friends in the stake as they share how they feel the Savior's love, what the restored gospel of Jesus Christ means to them, and how it's changed their lives. 
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Sister Mayson Rollins

"Hi! My name is Sister Mayson Rollins and I am from the Willow Ridge ward. For the past 18 months, I have been serving in Northern California in the California Roseville Mission and I LOVE it! I have seen SO MANY miracles on my mission that have shown to me that I have a testimony that GOD IS IN THE DETAILS!! Every single day there is something that screams "God is in this day". 


"There was one transfer where I went Spanish speaking. It was the first weekend of the transfer and one day me and my companion were trying to deliver something to an inactive member, but on the way we went to the wrong house. We were walking out when this man, his name is Marco Antonio Del Rio, he saw us and asked "are you Jesus people?" We got really excited and nodded yes! He invited us in and he started crying. He told us that he was in a really hard place and he prayed that night before for help. We taught him almost every single day that whole transfer and after 2 weeks, he was put on date for baptism! He was so ready to hear the gospel and God literally put us in his path. If we didn't go to the wrong house, we wouldn't have ever met him. 


"I have a strong testimony that God knows us personally! He wants us to turn the day over to him, and he will bless us with miracles! Things will go the way that's best for us! I am so grateful for my mission and all the experiences that I have seen and witnessed. I know that God is in the details and that THIS IS the church of Jesus Christ!"


Sister Rollins recently returned home from faithfully serving in the California Roseville Mission. She will be speaking this Sunday, February 11th at 12 Noon in the Willow Ridge Ward at the Layton Legacy Stake Center.

Tommy’s Miracle 


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