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Women's Area Devotional

Dear Sisters,

Elder and Sister Renlund will host a devotional for all sisters 18 years and older for stakes in the Layton Coordinating Council, on Friday, April 14th, beginning at 7 pm. President Bonnie Cordon, general young women's president, will accompany them. Each of you should plan to attend this broadcast in your respective stake centers. All Spanish speaking sisters are invited to attend the event that will be translated into Spanish in the Layton Utah Stake located at 60 W Gordon Ave, Layton UT.

In preparation for this devotional, the Renlunds have asked for questions before the event. Each sister may submit one question before April 12th. Questions should be no more than one or two sentences long and specific to your situation. As you consider what question you should ask,

please keep it succinct. Think of the question as the size of a tweet (288 characters or less) rather than a blog post or novel. Please upload your question at through April 12th at 8am, when the portal will be closed.

We are blessed to have the Renlunds and President Cordon willing to take the time to minister specifically to the sisters in the Layton Coordinating Council.

Blessings to you as you prepare for this beautiful and unique event.

Elder R. Pepper Murray

Area Seventy

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Mar 26, 2023

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